AGM Minutes 05.06.18








  1. Present: Steve Ellis, Rosie Radford, Andrew Turner, Annie Williams, Lynne Morris, Flo Toller, Amy Dyson, Charlotte Harris, Jan Ellis.


  1. Apologies for absence: Nikki Hughes, Jodie Thomas, Katie Jones, Sarah Richards


  1. Election of New Officials:


All the Committee resigned, and new officials were elected as follows:

Chair – Rosie Radford.  Proposed Charlotte Harris, seconded Flo Toller

Secretary – Jan Ellis.  Proposed Annie Williams, seconded Andrew Turner

Treasurer – Steve Ellis.  Proposed Charlotte Harris, seconded Lynne Morris.

Social Secretary – Katie Jones.  Proposed Jan Ellis, seconded Amy Dyson.


Other Committee members elected were Amy Dyson, Annie Williams, Lynne Morris, Andrew Turner, Sarah Richards and new members Flo Toller and Charlotte Harris.


  1. Chair’s Report


Rosie thanked everyone for their work over the last year.  It has been a delight but also a challenge.  We have had many and varied concerts in which the choir proved to be very resilient.  Over the past 12 months we have lost members but have also gained new ones and we remain the cheapest choir in the area to join!  The choir have remained solvent which has enabled us to buy music and other items.  We have had some social media and communication problems, but hopefully these are well on the way to being remedied.  Congratulations to everyone, especially Nikki and Jan.


  1. Secretary’s Report


Jan reported as follows:


2017/2018 has been a good year since the beginning of Os Rocks in March 2017.  We have gone from strength to strength and have approximately 40 members of mixed voice, all ages.


We have raised £730 to date for PCAS our chosen charity for 2018.  This was from our Christmas concert, a joint concert with Shrewsbury Band and a quiz night.  More fund-raising events are planned for 2018.



We are entering our first competition in November 2018 – we are all excited about that!


Our popularity is growing.  We are continuously being asked to perform at small events/fundraisers – we are having to be selective about what we do as we are all agreed that quality is more important than quantity.


We are members of the National Association of Choirs, so that means everyone can read about us (in the UK).  We are currently in the process of having a website developed, together with some professional pictures of the choir.


We have an extensive music catalogue with lots of new stuff in the pipeline and are working with Patrick Gough, who occasionally does arrangements for us and also does workshops.


Attendance overall has been good and I think that everyone is enjoying their time with the choir.  We now have a ‘core’ group who attend regularly.


Currently running promotions to attract more men, which is proving difficult – as is recruiting a pianist and an MD!  Thanks to Nikki for all her hard work and to Eleanor who has given her services as a pianist (until September when Jan will return).


Here’s to another great year and thanks to everyone!


  1. Treasurer’s Report


Steve reported as follows:


We concluded the last year with £1834.25 in the bank.


Money in:


Subs                                                          £2634.03

Raffle                                                         £1011.50

Donations                                                 £    81.78

Misc                                                          £1529.30


TOTAL                                                     £5256.61


Money out:


Room hire                                                 £ 485.50

Music                                                        £ 439.83

Insurance                                                  £   55.00

Misc                                                          £2148.33

Competition entry                                     £ 238.00

Printing                                                      £    55.07


TOTAL                                                     £3422.33






  1. Any other business


  • Constitution – Jan to circulate for next meeting. It was decided that we would be better to remain as an incorporated group rather than going for charity status.
  • Amy confirmed that she has booked a 50-seater coach for Llandudno. We have 38 confirmed so far (including friends/partners).  Everyone to pay a contribution of £5 towards the cost of the bus.  Choir will subsidise the rest.  Money to Amy as soon as possible please.  Jan to send email and post on Facebook.
  • Annie said that Gaz would be happy to do another quiz for us any time. It was agreed that we should perhaps alternate quiz and bingo – bingo makes more money, quiz is more fun!  Perhaps September for quiz.
  • It was decided that we should not take a break during the summer due to needing as much rehearsal time as possible for the competition and the Christmas concert (Saturday, 8 December).
  • Uniform – Flo to price up t-shirts with Os Rocks logo. Prices for logo putting on existing t-shirts and prices for new t-shirts with logos on.
  • Need to attract more men. Jan to get flyers made up (TJs Print?) and hand them out at the Food and Drink Festival on 15 July.  We will then hold a free taster session, inviting people to come along and listen to what we do – refreshments provided.
  • Jan has asked Patrick to arrange four more songs, which hopefully we will have by September. Two of these are Christmas songs.
  • Amy has a friend who designs websites. For a charge of no more than £100 he is willing to set up a website for us.  We have upgraded our WordPress website to premium so that more can be done with it.  There will eventually be a log in page for members so that minutes, music and songs can be uploaded and accessed by everyone.
  • Possible events for us to perform at this year (apart from Food and Drink Festival) are the Christmas lights switch on and the balloon festival in Cae Glas Park.
  • Next year. Jan would like to enter the choir into the prestigious Mrs Sunderland Music Festival in Huddersfield, where the inspiration for Os Rocks came from.  This is in February and entries have to be in by November.  We could perform our songs from the North Wales competition if we enter.  Need a show of hands for those interested.  We would like to do a concert at Easter and a Christmas concert maybe with a brass band at a different venue.
  • We need to choose a new charity to support from 1 December 2018 for a year. If anyone has any ideas of a local charity (not Hope House or Severn Hospice), please let a committee member know so that we can compile a list and vote.


  1. Date of next meeting


Tuesday, 10 July 2018 9.00pm at Rosie’s Deli.